Welcome To Fourah Bay College

The modest beginnings of Fourah Bay College are well documented and make inspiring reading.  From the action by the Christian Missionary Society (CMS) in 1814 in acquiring a parcel of land on the slope of Leicester Peak in the Mountain District of Freetown, the opening of a school called the Christian Institution in 1816, the transformation of the school to a Seminary in 1819 and its transfer to Regent Village where the institution suffered significant decline, to the establishment at Fourah Bay in 1827 of Fourah Bay College in the eastern sea front of Freetown, we are constantly reminded of the vision and dedication of its founding fathers.

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Focus Areas
Our vision ‘a friendly, improve learning environments that recognizes excellence ,partners with the private sector and other centers of excellence and attracts alumni support’ .
Our mission is “a university that demonstrates its commitment to generating and transmitting Knowledge through quality teaching and research for sustained development and whose products are nationally and internationally competitive”.
Intergrity, which will maintain by transparently executing academic standards and administrative procedures, yet assuring all users of our adherence to the principles
share To provide quality infrastructure for socio-economic transformation and sustainable development of the University.